After years of fans requesting it, Riot has finally given players the ability to secure their accounts with multi-factor authentication.

By enabling multiple authentication methods on their account, players can add extra security and reduce the risk of their account being compromised. Previously, there was multi-factor authentication in place that would prompt players to enter a code when logging into their Riot accounts on a new device, but now this has been expanded upon further, and players can opt to enter a code each time they log in—even on the same device.

The new addition of multi-factor authentication will go into play on all of Riot’s platforms, including their launcher, each of their game clients, Riot Mobile, and its website. For those who sign into their Riot accounts through a third party like Garena, you won’t have the options for extra security.

As it stands, the only way to authenticate your identity when logging in is by using email, but Riot plans to add new ways to do this in the future, which will likely include mobile or the authenticator app.

Right now, adding multi-factor authentication to your account is the best way to bolster security and something that all players should consider doing. You can get things started by heading to your account on Riot Games’ website, selecting the multi-factor authentication option, and enabling extra security.