As soon as Game Freak showed off the various types of encounters and reactions wild Pokémon could have in the overworld of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, players were concerned with how the new game would handle Shiny Pokémon. But it appears some of those worries were unnecessary. 

According to some leaked footage from copies of the game obtained before the official launch, Shiny Pokémon in Arceus will not only appear clearly in the overworld but will also make distinct sounds when they appear. 

The new sounds, along with the sparkling visuals that have always been associated with Shiny Pokémon, will make it very hard to miss a Shiny in the wild, which should put some players at ease. We still don’t know if Shiny Pokémon will behave differently than other Pokémon of their species, however, or if they are still just as likely to run away if they are a Starly, for example. 

We still don’t have many leaked details about how Shiny encounters work outside of this new information, but knowing that overworld Shiny spawns are returning should be enough to keep most players happy. 

There also appears to be at least one guaranteed Shiny in the game, as early gameplay footage from the leaks shows a sidequest that involves a Shiny Ponyta that players can catch. No other information about that is readily available.