Some Pokémon players in the U.S. will need to wait a little longer to get their hands on the upcoming addition to the franchise, Pokémon Legends: Arceus. According to reports, The Pokémon Center has shared with customers that shipping will be delayed at least three days due to “global shipping constraints.”

Fans who pre-ordered the game at Pokémon Center stores shared their disappointment via social media. Pokebeach shared a copy of the email believed to have been sent to buyers, which explained the reason for the delay and provides a timeline for when they’ll likely see their copy of the game.

“Due to global shipping constraints, we anticipate a delay in deliveries of Pokémon Legends: Arceus,” the email reads. “As a result of this delay your order is likely to arrive between Jan. 31 and Feb. 4, 2022, rather than on the expected delivery date of Jan. 28.”

Despite the shipping delays present within The Pokémon Center’s supply chain, some players in the United States have seemingly got their hands on the new game already. This can be seen by the massive range of leaks coming from the game over the past 24 hours.

For fans who won’t be getting their copy from The Pokémon Center on release, there are options. These include retail stores or purchasing the game digitally, which can be done at midnight on launch day in your region.