Twitch streamer JiDion tweeted that his ban appeal request has been denied by Twitch. The streamer, who was hit with an indefinite ban from Twitch, posted a screengrab of the denied appeal response and said, “It’s all my fault boys I promise I’ll do better.”

JiDion was banned after he and his viewers raided Pokimane’s channel, which included spamming of ‘L+Ration,’ and additional misogynistic messages. JiDion was initially banned for seven days, but the streamer’s punishment was later turned into an indefinite ban.

Twitch’s statement restated the severity of JiDion’s harassment case, saying that indefinite bans come in response to either repeated or extreme situations. The hope of a return to Twitch in the immediate future seems unlikely, as Twitch said it does not “unsuspend accounts for this level of abuse.”

JiDion’s rejection has been met with a mixed response. Pokimane outlined both the initial harassment and other offenses received from JiDion and Ninja, who JiDion attempted to solicit for help. Though JiDion has issued an apology and Pokimane has appeared receptive, some viewers are not as welcoming.