Whether you’re a content creator or pro gamer, joining an organization can do wonders for your brand. While pro players will appreciate the stability they’ll find in having a stable income and the training facilities, content creators can use the publicity and level up their game by collaborating with other talented team members.

FaZe Clan is one of the most popular esports clubs in the world and the organization is once again looking for its new superstar. This time, however, FaZe is looking to recruit only one player, hence the name FaZe1. Though the number of players who will be getting in is significantly lower than the FaZe5 event in 2020, stakes are higher than ever.

The winner of the recruitment event will claim:

  • $1 million in crypto
  • A $250,000 GFuel sponsorship
  • A new Nissan GTR

If you’re already hyped up about the competition, the next step will naturally be to sign up.

How can you enter the FaZe1 Recruitment Challenge?

  • Navigate to the official FaZe1 website
  • Fill out your details, such as age and country
  • Enter your name, creator name/nickname, email address
    • Participants who are under the age of 18 will need to enter their parent or guardian’s email
  • Add your social media channels
  • Select ‘Submit’ to officially become a part of the FaZe1 Recruitment Challenge

Fans will have until Feb. 9 to sign up for the competition. The event will begin with an Open Challenge, giving creators the freedom to submit their original content. The first stage of FaZe1 will allow the jury to narrow down the number of competitors to 100, so if you make it through the first stage, you may consider yourself in the running to become the one in FaZe1.

Once there are only 100 participants left in the event, FaZe will then work its way down to 20 participants, and the remaining 20 will fly out to Los Angeles to participate in a reality-style competition that will last for 15 days. The ultimate winner after those 15 days will become the newest member of FaZe and claim the sweet rewards.