Thanks to leaks from early copies of the game, we are slowly learning more about how the overworld in Pokémon Legends: Arceus works with new and old mechanics alike. 

One area where fans have been paying a lot of attention to the leaks is Shiny Pokémon and how they function in Arceus’ overworld, which has changed drastically, according to the data provided so far. This includes the new ability to safely fail an encounter with a Shiny Pokémon because it appears that saving the game after encountering one in the overworld will keep the Shiny spawned. 

This was not the case in the Pokémon Let’s Go games, where Shiny Pokémon also spawned in the overworld. This will make Shiny hunting in Arceus much easier since players are able to save the game and essentially encounter the Shiny an endless number of times. This will eliminate the threat of losing hours of work by accidentally knocking out the Pokémon and could lead to new strategies being developed once the game is officially released. 

Before this discovery, we also learned that Shiny Pokémon will make new sounds, and still feature the usual sparkling visuals when spawning in the overworld. Hopefully, this will consistently make it easier to locate a Shiny when it appears and cut down on unintentional misses. 

There are likely several other pieces of new content like this feature that we still haven’t seen and won’t have confirmed until Arceus officially releases on Jan. 28.