Pokémon TCG’s first set of 2021 is just over a month from release and fans have finally has a sneak peak at the four pre-release promos attached to the set.

The Pokémon Company today revealed an image including the four cards for Brilliant Stars. These four cards are Moltres, Lucario, Liepard, and Bilbarel. You can get your hands on these cards by purchasing Build & Battle boxes from your local retailer.

Image via The Pokemon Company

All four of these cards were expected to show up in Brilliant Stars as they were a part of Pokémon OCG Star Brith and Start Deck 100 sets, but these pre-release promo cards have alternate art that wasn’t released in Japan.

As usual, the cards are branded with the logo for their set, which in this case is Brilliant Stars. Not only will this set bring a variety of new cards to Pokémon TCG, but it will be the first in the west to introduce V-Star cards.

So far we’ve seen four V-Star cards released via Pokémon OCG Star Birth and these cards, Charizard, Arceus, Shaymin, and Whimiscott will be available in Brilliant Stars.

Fans can get their hands on these cards when the set launches in stores on Feb. 25.