Pokémon UNITE’s most recent update added a lot of new content to the game, and players are still discovering what is new and what TiMi Studio changed.

Along with the Trevenant, a balance patch, and an all-new tournament mode being added into the game, TiMi is also trying to draw lapsed players back in with a new set of rewards for anyone who is coming back to UNITE after an extended break. 

This “Welcome back!” menu will only appear to players who have not played the game for a set amount of time and looks to try and catch players back up by offering them some nice rewards for trying to jump back in. 

In total, players who return to the game will receive 2,500 Aeos Tickets, 4,000 Aros Coins, a handful of useful consumables, and a set of avatar items themed around Pikachu, which was previously available in the first battle pass just for playing one battle. Additionally, there is an entire menu of other rewards that players can earn by continuously logging into the game over multiple days.

One of the rewards that stand out the most is an item called the Unite License Selection Box, which allows the player to select a Unite License to obtain out of a set selection. It looks like the box contains the licenses for Blissey, Gengar, Mamoswine, Sylveon, and Garchomp. 

Based on the data pulled from players, it seems players have been receiving this prompt after signing back in from absences upwards of 15 days, although it is likely that the threshold for the welcome back gift is 14 days since the timer for the gift menu times out at just over 14 days. 

As a cute little bonus, the Pokémon featured alongside the welcome back notice is the Pokémon you had set as your favorite before taking a break. 

While this is a much-needed feature to try and incentivize lapsed players to return to the game, the rewards being offered in this package give more rewards than playing the game normally. This has fans contemplating taking a break just to take advantage of this new content.