This week in Halo Infinite has focused a lot on the economy of its free-to-play multiplayer.

Changes to its premium store began to roll out on Jan. 18, with developer 343 Industries focused on working with fans to find a sweet spot for the game’s microtransactions. Continuing that work, 343’s head of design Jerry Hook announced in the latest update post that Credits, Halo Infinite’s premium currency, will be able to be earned through the season two battle pass.

Details were limited on the specifics of this change, but it is a promising start when the majority of Halo Infinite’s contemporaries already offer premium currency in their battle passes. Whether you will be able to earn Credits along the free track remains to be seen, and with season two still months away, 343 has a long time to adjust how these Credits will be given out based on community sentiment around the topic. For now, Halo fans can take comfort in knowing that the value proposition of future battle passes will be far better than the current iteration. Hook says that more will be revealed about their plans as season two approaches.

The blog post also covered a few additional topics, including further changes coming to the premium store next week as 343 plan to add more individual items to purchase. Until now, the store has only contained bundles that have been less appealing to players only wanting to snag a specific armor set or weapon coating at a lower price.

The continued problems facing Big Team Battle were also discussed, with 343 announcing that weekly challenges will no longer be handed out that requires playing the mode. With its matchmaking issues taking longer than expected to resolve, this temporary solution at least allows players to grind out their battle pass without fear of a BTB challenge sliding into their inventory.