Ever since Team Liquid announced its full League of Legends roster for the 2022 season, fans have been preparing for the debut of one of North America’s strongest lineups on paper. Although visa issues have prevented all five players from competing together, the LCS faithful finally witnessed the first game between Liquid’s star duo of CoreJJ and Hans Sama during their series sweep against FlyQuest today.

Before the match, Liquid would run two separate lineups with the duos of Hans Sama-Eyla and Yeon-CoreJJ, since they weren’t allowed to run CoreJJ on the lineup without his green card. This time, however, Liquid got the two superstars on the Rift by benching Bwipo and moving Academy top laner Bradley as his replacement.

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The first game was nowhere near a close matchup, with Liquid stomping out the competition in 30 lopsided minutes. CoreJJ and Hans Sama were dominant together, with the duo combining for four kills, 18 assists, and only one death from the support. Bradley also had a notable scoreline of seven kills and two assists, while Bjergsen also went deathless on Corki.

In the second game, FlyQuest might have captured first blood, but Liquid controlled the rest of the game with great map movement and full objective control, with all dragons taken. With a massive gold lead on their side for most of the match, Liquid marched their way down to their enemy Nexus and finished off the series comfortably.

Although this team could be a tad cleaner in executing teamfights, they’ve already shown a ton of potential with the level of talent they have signed on for the upcoming Spring Split and beyond. This team could go far, especially with the constant changing of its main lineup.

FlyQuest, on the other hand, will have to head back to the drawing board to see if they can prepare a bit harder for the 2022 Spring Split, which is set to begin on Saturday, Feb. 5.

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