Team Vitality crushed G2 Esports in their matchup for the second week of the LEC Spring Split 2022 today. After a rough start to the season, Vitality looked dominant in the second week of the Split, ruling the Rift in the match of the week against G2. 

From the draft, League of Legends players and fans could see that the focus on this game was leaning towards the bot lane. G2 entered the Rift with a deadly combination of Caitlyn and Zyra for their duo bot lane, so the center of the attention soon shifted from Caps and Perkz to Carzzy and Flakked. And they did not let the fans wait long before giving them a spectacle.

The first blood went to Vitality after Selfmade changed his jungle pathing going to the bot lane even before both duos got to the second level. With patience and a hook from Labrov, Selfmade scored first blood on Targamas. Soon after, the Vitality support once again showed his hooking skills, providing his ADC with his first kill of the game. 

The early game focused on the side lanes, which Vitality dominated twice: with the first blood, then again when Alphari solo-killed BrokenBlade. Even without conquering any major objectives, Vitality had already a 2,000 gold lead by the tenth minute. 

G2 tried to come back by taking the first Herald and getting some takedowns back at Vitality, but it wasn’t enough. Vitality took the first drake and tower, and even after a winning fight a few moments later, G2 lost another tower. 

The talent of Vitality’s individual players and their inclination towards aggressive plays benefitted the team against G2, who could only respond with actions on the opposite side of the map. At soul point for Vitality, G2 shifted their opponent’s attention to the tower in the bot lane using their second Herald. Vitality, on the other hand, patiently waited for the perfect opportunity to strike, controlling the Pit zone and slowly poking their opponents. The attacks went back and forth from both sides, but Vitality’s strength and power overwhelmed G2, who had to leave with half of their health bar empty and one less player.  

Vitality were an unstoppable force at that point in the match. The only thing left to do for G2 was to try and deny their opponents the Infernal Dragon Soul, which would cement Vitality’s win. G2 set the stage and took control of the Pit, trying to take the dragon’s Soul from their opponent’s hands. But Selfmade was actually the one stealing the Infernal Soul from G2’s hands, providing their teammates with the perfect occasion to take down their opponents. 

After an 8,000 gold lead, and with the Infernal Soul and Baron buff in their possession, Vitality besieged G2’s base, slowly pushing multiple lanes and taking down two inhibitors. The samurais fought back, pushing away their opponents for a few moments, but it only delayed the inevitable. With one final fight, Vitality took down G2, closing their second LEC week with a perfect score of 2-0. 

Vitality showed a dominant style in both games of the second week, proving they only needed time before standing up to the expectations Europe had put on them. The superteam League fans expected to see has arrived on the Rift, and they will face SK Gaming and Rogue next week to cement their position as a powerhouse. 

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