Players are on a quest to stop Archaeans in Rainbow Six Extraction. Stopping an alien threat will always be more fun with friends, and you won’t even need to purchase Rainbow Six Extraction to test out the game.

Players can download a trial version of the game, granting them access to the title for two hours. Though Ubisoft’s official page references the two-hour trial period, the demo doesn’t seem to be available at the time of writing.

To get the free trial of Rainbow Six Extraction, you’ll need to find the game on your digital platform of choice and download the trial as you’d normally install any other title. While playing the trial, your progress will be saved. If you decide to purchase the game later on, you can pick up exactly where you left off.

Alternatively, every player who has purchased Extraction gets two Buddy Pass tokens, which allow them to play the game with two friends for free for 14 days. This requires the trial version, though playing with a friend through the Buddy Pass system will pause the trial’s two-hour timer.

If you have a friend who owns Extraction, you can ask them whether they still have an invite left. Once you’re invited, you can download Extraction via the Buddy Pass and enjoy the game for 14 days. Just like the two-hour trial, all of your progress will be saved, and you can continue your journey when you purchase the full version of the game.