Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is Konami’s first attempt at building out a live-service version of its popular card game using the same formats in which players can participate physically. This means developers have added in several features that have become staples within the games-as-a-service space.

One such feature is the Duel Pass, Master Duel’s take on the popular battle pass system that rewards players for regularly playing the game.

The Duel Pass is split into a free-to-play Duel Pass Normal and a premium Duel Pass Gold. Both give players rewards such as Craft Points (CP), Gems, and other items as they climb up the ranks, which are called Grades.

While all players have access to the Duel Pass, points mainly stem from Ranked Duels and Event Duels, not from casual play. These points can then be exchanged for various reward items and leveling up your Duel Pass Grade. 

As you continue climbing the ranks, it will take more Duel Pass points to go up a Grade, capping at 100 points at the high-end. Here’s a full list of Grade requirements for every iteration of the Duel Pass:

  • Grade 2 to 10—50 points 
  • Grade 11 to 15—60 points
  • Grade 16 to 20—70 points
  • Grade 21 to 25—80 points
  • Grade 26 to 30—90 points 
  • Grade 31 and over—100 points

For every Ranked or Event Duel, you earn 50 to 100 points just for competing or 120 points for winning the duel. You won’t get points if you surrender a match. 

While the Duel Pass Normal is available to all players, it only goes up to Grade 50 before capping out. Duel Pass Gold unlocks the premium track, essentially doubling your rewards for the first 50 Grades and giving players access to Grades 51 through 100. 

You can purchase Duel Pass Gold in the Shop for 600 Gems, which can be bought for $10 through microtransactions if you don’t have the Gems ready.