New World is set to receive its first major update of 2022, which will bring the new Expedition Mutator system and more endgame content.

The new mutator system will add more endgame content to the game by offering different ways to increase the difficulty of Expeditions. At this point, most level 60 players have completed each expedition many times, but with mutators, things can feel new again.

Each week mutations will change with 10 different levels of difficulty available. For players, the idea is to challenge themselves and climb the ladder each week. You can check out the details on each mutation here.

To gain access to Mutated Expeditions, players will need a codex. These are acquired by defeating the regular difficulty of each expedition. Along with a codex, players will get a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb.

These new additions were revealed in the Amazon Game Studio dev diary, which was released earlier this month. Expedition Mutators weren’t everything new, though. Gear Score will rise from 590 to 624 with this update. This number can be reached by using the new Umbral system that pairs with the new Mutated Expeditions. Along with the change in Gear Score, there was also a ton of new quality of life changes to endgame systems.

As usual, each update brings a ton of bug fixes and changes to make playing the game smoother and better. This patch was no exception. You can see the details of these changes in the latest patch notes here.

All of these changes will go into place on Jan. 25.