Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event begins tomorrow and among the characters getting a new Legendary skin is Tracer.

Her new “Nezha” skin is primarily blue-green and accented with fire around her forearms and feet. The skin itself is named after a protection deity from Chinese folk religion. To complement the attire, Tracer’s chronal accelerator is golden with flame imagery and her feet are quite literally on fire. Her face has red flame makeup and she has her hair up in a double bun style.

With the skin being Legendary, it won’t be particularly easy to get the Nezha skin. You will only be able to obtain it by two means.

You can get the skin from opening Lunar New Year’s limited-time loot boxes. Those can be purchased for cash or earned from playing, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the skin you want from them. Given the fact that this skin is Legendary, your chances will be limited. Lunar New Year event loot boxes can only be obtained between tomorrow and Feb. 15.

The second way to get the skin is by purchasing it with in-game credits. It will cost you 3,000 credits, so you better have some credits saved up if you want the Nezha Tracer skin.

After this event, the skin will be vaulted until next year. At that point, players will be able to get it once again during the Lunar New Year event for a reduced cost of only 1,000 credits.