Pokémon TCG is set to receive its second V-UNION set in April, and this time around, it will star Morpeko.

The Morpeko V-UNION Collection will launch in stores on April 8 and includes the four-piece Morpeko V-Union card and booster packs from previous sets, including Brilliant Stars, which is set to launch in February.

Morpeko V-UNION first launched in Japan as part of their VMAX Climax set. With its release players could pull the card from booster packs. If one part was to be found, the remaining three would also be present. For the West, it seems V-UNION’s won’t be found in booster packs, just via special collections.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Inside this new product are the usual Pokémon TCG goodies such as a code card for Pokémon TCG Live, a Professor Brunet Supporter card, Morpeko V-UNION cards, and of course, booster packs.

While the product was revealed today its distribution is still a little while away. In the interim, there are plenty more Pokémon TCG products hitting stores with the next being Brilliant Stars next month.

Brilliant Stars will bring to Pokémon TCG VSTAR cards for the very first time. These are the latest iteration of V-cards to emerge in Pokémon OCG and TCG following V-Union in 2021.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Also in April, we’ll be getting Sinnoh Stars mini tins. These tins will boast two booster packs, a metallic coin, and a promo card. You can get your hands on these when they appear on shelves on April 8.