In Riot Games’ newest League of Legends preview for Patch 12.3, Riot League designer Phlox has outlined a slew of nerfs that will be hitting some big-ticket champions in today’s meta.

The developers are looking to “[adjust] the fighter system to be less health skewed,” while also bringing some adjustments to a number of champs that are featured in the pro scene. More details on the fighter system will be revealed tomorrow, but for now, the expansive list of nerfs includes Zeri, Senna, Caitlyn, Corki, LeBlanc, Twisted Fate, Amumu, Glacial Augment on Janna, and Pyke mid.

Hey all!

Pretty interesting patch coming your way. We’re adjusting the fighter system to be less health skewed (more info tomorrow). We’ve also got some changes for pro champs and Ahri among others!

If you missed it, Chem Terrain was disabled in a hotfix today.

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— Phlox (@RiotPhlox) January 24, 2022

Over the past week of competitive League, Caitlyn, LeBlanc, Twisted Fate, and Corki have all been priority picks for teams around the world. For example, Caitlyn has the highest pick-ban rate among major regions with 95 percent draft presence, while Twisted Fate and Corki are just behind her with 84 percent and 81 percent, respectively.

Twisted Fate even has a whopping 71 percent win rate through 17 picks, while he’s been constantly struck with the banhammer with 143 bans across the LCS, LEC, LCK, and LPL. His ability to apply global pressure with his ultimate ability is too useful for hyperaggressive teams since he can join teamfights at the flick of a finger. He has also risen even higher in priority due to the change where the Teleport summoner spell can only be used on wards and minions after 14 minutes.

Caitlyn and Corki are also two of the safer picks in the bottom lane since they have plenty of safe ways to wave clear in the early game, whether that’s with the Sheriff’s range or the Bombadier’s set of abilities. They also scale well with items and can be placed into multiple compositions.

One build that Corki can opt into, for example, is a combination of Luden’s Tempest, Manamune, and Ravenous Hydra. This allows his rockets to deal a ton of poke damage, on top of the splash damage that the Hydra dishes out with its Cleave passive. If given enough time to get items, Corki will be able to pop any backline in a long-ranged, elongated skirmish.

Another big nerf target is Zeri, who just joined League‘s roster of champions. The shockingly speedy AD carry has already starred in multiple highlights across social media, by zipping around with incredible speed as she peppers her enemies to death with her unique auto-attacks and slowing ability. It isn’t known what changes are headed her way, so stay tuned for when Riot drops the detailed patch preview later this week.

Patch 12.3 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, Feb. 2.