North American organization FaZe Clan is set to enlist the core of Teal Seam as its VALORANT academy roster, multiple sources told Dot Esports. 

Teal Seam consist of “Bones,” Cade “Cade3k” Warren, and Binh “Yoshii” Warren, who will all be joining FaZe’s academy roster. They’ll join forces with “wubby” and Erik “d1msumboi” Almhjell to complete the roster. 

Bones is an up-and-coming player, and despite being only 14 years old, he’s impressed many with his incredible firepower. Cade3k, primarily a controller player, has an incredible 1.48 KD over the past 60 days. Yoshii, the Jett player for the team, is an essential member of the team as he creates space by entering into sites. Together, the trio achieved several podium finishes in various tournaments under the Teal Seam banner. 

Wubby and d1msumboi most recently played together with The Mafia. They were consistent performers during their tenure, playing initiator and sentinel, respectively. Teal Seam coach Michael “mas” Smith will also move to FaZe alongside his players as their coach.

FaZe now follows the trend set by many teams such as Cloud9, T1, and TSM by creating an academy team. But the team will be unable to compete in the VCT due to Bones being underage and due to a rule that prohibits an organization from fielding two male teams. FaZe Academy will only play in third-party events such as Nerd Street Gamers and Knights tournaments.