Twitch has slowly been rolling out new features that allow creators to customize various aspects of the ads that appear on their channel, such as letting them add a delay at the start of a stream or space them out manually. And it appears a new Ads Incentive Program (AIP) is being added to that list for a select group of Twitch Partners and Affiliates. 

Based on early information, provided by streaming reporter Zach Bussey, Twitch will offer creators a personalized flat payout for streaming a set number of hours with ads. The flat payout will come in the form of a personalized offer, which will vary in price depending on the creator. Each offer will feature a set payment, with the requirements for ad run-time and total hours streamed listed below it. 

These offers will scale, meaning they will offer more money for longer ad spots over the same number of hours streamed. For example, the lowest offer requires the streamer to run two minutes of ads per hour and stream 40 hours in the contract month for $500. The highest offer doubles the incentive in exchange for four minutes of ads per hour at 40 hours streamed in the month. 

Image via Zach Bussey

Essentially, this means AIP will offer streamers an alternative option to relying on variable ad revenue, giving them a set number to work toward when they go live to help more accurately predict a portion of their income. And even if a streamer doesn’t meet the agreed-upon requirements when they select their monthly offer, they will reportedly still be paid out in variable ad revenue for the month just like before. 

AIP is not live yet for any creators, but a blog for the feature has been pushed on the backend of Twitch’s blog and more details should be coming out shortly.