You’re hanging out with your friends on Discord and you suddenly hear that disconnect sound effect. While your first instinct will be to check your router to make sure you’re still connected to the internet, disconnects and errors can also happen due to server shortages on Discord’s end.

The API Outage usually appears when Discord’s servers go down, causing users to not use the core features of the program. Considering the API Outage error appears due to server outages, there isn’t an official solution that users can try to apply by themselves. You’ll need to wait for Discord to roll out a fix, which typically doesn’t take that long.

In the meantime, you can check Discord’s server status by visiting its dedicated website. Whenever there’s an outage, the page automatically gets updated with new information. When Discord rolls out a fix for the error, the error text will disappear and users should be able to hop back onto Discord.

Alternatively, you can also try out resetting your router and gaming device to make sure your home network is also in top shape. Though it happens rarely, connectivity issues on your hand can also cause errors similar to the API Outage Error. As a last resort, you can also contact Discord Support since they can run a thorough diagnostic to solve the error for your case.