Popular Spanish Twitch streamer Ibai announced his latest show titled Disaster Chef. The cooking competition is heavily influenced by the popular FOX program Master Chef, as teams of two will compete for the title of the best chef in front of three judges.

In the official announcement, Ibai specified that six pairs of popular streamers will showcase their culinary talents across four episodes. All popular Spanish-speaking Twitch streamers, the duos will include Illo Juan and El Bokeron, Pandarina and Rioboo, Mayichi and Elisa, Carola and Cristinini, Knekro and Xokas, as well as Ibai and Barbe.

Fellow streamer Masi is set to host the series throughout its four-episode run. Although there will be three judges, the identities of the cooking connoisseurs are unknown and will likely only be revealed after the series’ debut. Episode one will release on Feb. 1 on Ibai’s Twitch channel.

Cooking shows have proliferated on Twitch, as some of the platform’s largest creators have reacted to the likes of Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen in front of massive audiences. Though the recent ‘Reaction Meta’ may have landed several streamers in hot water, streamers such as Hasan and xQc have managed to keep the cooking content rolling.

Now, the streaming trend has evolved and it seems that the culinary arts have carved out a space on Twitch.