The Pokémon Company has officially confirmed that Pokémon Legends: Arceus will have a day one patch. 

This update, which will set the game to Version 1.0.1, will go live on Jan. 27 ahead of the game’s global launch. Game Freak did not specify any major changes being made with this patch, only that the update will make the game “more comfortable to play” due to the developers fixing several issues that were still present in the game when it shipped. 

This is a big difference when you compare it to the multiple pre-launch patches Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl received in the week leading up to its release last November. 

BDSP was notoriously missing a large chunk of features before getting its updates, which added in communication features, in-game cutscenes, music and video effects, and post-game content. Just based on the small notes, it appears that Arceus was shipped in a more complete state than BDSP was. 

As usual, this patch is available to download now if you purchased a digital copy of the game on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Players who purchased a physical copy will be prompted to download the update after installing the game’s initial files to their console. 

Pokémon Legends: Arceus will release for all players as soon as the calendar flips to Friday, Jan. 28 in your local timezone.