Over the last couple of years, concerts have become a core part of Fortnite. With the Soundwave Series’ latest return, Fortnite players were invited to a concert for Tones and I, an Australian singer and songwriter.

The concert hit the live servers with an event on its own, however, and players could unlock 55,000 XP and a cosmetic spray after completing the event challenges. One of these requires players to collect Concert Coins which can be tough to find, especially if you lose yourself to dance in Fortnite concerts. 

To get your hands on a Concert Coin, you’ll first need to join a concert and stay in the lobby during its entire duration. Tones and I’s performance lasts around 20 minutes, and players will be free to find the Concert Coin after it wraps up.

Once the concert ends, walk toward the large keyhole portal around the stage. Walking inside of it will teleport you to a new place where you’ll be able to see and collect the Concert Coin. Listening through the concert once will only reward you with a single coin, meaning you’ll need to listen to it one more time in a separate instance to collect the second coin.

Collecting only a single coin will be enough to unlock the cosmetic spray, while you’ll need the second Concert Coin to unlock the 55,000 XP reward.