While the PlayStation 5 heralded the next generation of gaming in November 2020, many fans’ expectations have been tempered—a lack of stock, minimal storage, and more annoyingly, issues with the console’s Rest Mode.

PlayStation 5’s Rest Mode is intended to keep the console running in a low-power state while games, firmware, and other software downloads. It’s a convenient feature when it’s working properly, but owners have been hit with massive consequences for using the power-saving mode. In the console’s early lifecycle, Rest Mode caused users’ PS5 to crash during a firmware update, effectively bricking the console.

Some users have been able to have their consoles repaired by Sony, but many are still experiencing crashes related to Rest Mode. There’s no concrete answer as to what is causing the issue, with users alleging issues with various PS5 firmware updates, USB ports, certain games, and other potential system hiccups. Either way, you’ll want to be careful when using Rest Mode or just forgo using it until an official solution is released by Sony.

Here are a couple of ways to stop your PS5 from going into Rest Mode; they’re pretty much identical.

Disable Rest Mode in Settings

Image via Dot Esports
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Select Power Saving settings.
  • Click on Rest Mode settings.
  • Toggle Rest Mode setting to “Don’t put in Rest Mode”.

Disable Rest Mode via the PS5 power button

  • Hold down the power button on your PlayStation 5.
  • Wait until the console beeps twice, then release.

Once you hear the two beeps, Rest Mode has successfully been turned off.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any solid solutions to prevent a PlayStation 5 from entering Rest Mode other than these. Ensuring Rest Mode is disabled is the only surefire way to guard against crashes and failed firmware downloads. Until Sony officially addresses the issue by sharing its research into what is causing the Rest Mode bug or updates the firmware to remedy the issue altogether, there’s nothing else to do but turn the setting off and power down the console manually.