You are going to be gathering a lot of random items while running around the Hisui region. Largely because crafting is a core mechanic in Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Game Freak really went wild with the number of items used as materials, even if they are only used once. 

Pop Pods are one of those items you will probably see only a handful of times during your entire playthrough, but they are used to complete another quest for Choy, More New Wares. 

This is the hit follow-up quest to the original request Getting a Hold of New Wares, where players helped Choy expand the items he offers in the Jubilife Village general store. The concept for More New Wares is the exact same, convince the captain of the Supply Corps, Tao Hua to allow for another expansion. 

For this new version of the quest, players will need to collect three Pop Pods and give them to Tao Hua. 

Pop Pods are listed as a “sea vegetable used for crafting Scatter Bangs” and act like a balloon trapping air inside if you seal it. And, because they are sea vegetables, the best place to find them is along the coast. Specifically the Cobalt Coastlands. 

Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

You can walk along the inner shores of the Cobalt Coastlands, meaning anything spanning from Lunker’s Lair to Sand’s Reach, and have a chance to find Pop Seeds along the coast. They wash up along the sands and can be picked up easily. 

Once you get enough of them, head back to the Galaxy Hall and give them to Tao Hua, which will unlock the new items in the store.