Two new Teamfight Tactics champions, Renata Glasc and Silco join League of Legends’ extended Universe with the PBE launch of Set 6.5 Neon Nights

Riot Games had previously confirmed that Arcane’s Silco was joining the Mid-Set update as the first exclusive TFT champion. Joining Silco is Renata Glasc, a four-cost Set 6.5 champion who is also making her first official appearance within the League Universe. Renata Glasc has the TFT traits Chemtech and Scholar, costs four gold in the shop, and has a wicked spell called Toxic Wave. 

Within TFT Set 6.5, Toxic Wave pumps out a wave of poisonous toxins towards the largest clump of nearby enemies. All enemies exposed to Toxic Wave are poisoned for a total of 15 seconds, get hit with a 25 percent attack speed reduction, and take magic damage of 70/100/300 per second. All stats are subject to change prior to the official release of TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights.

Image via Riot Games

Renata Glasc will likely become a powerful support champion within TFT Set 6.5. She has starting mana of 40/80, with items like Spear of Shojin or Blue Buff prompting more casts of Toxic Wave in conjunction with mana from the Scholar trait when active. Morellonomicon may also become a solid item choice, burning multiple enemies while applying Grievous Wounds to decrease the effectiveness of healing. 

Silco is a five-cost TFT champion who pumps the power levels of an ally with his spell Unstable Concoction. Capturing the flavor of the Netflix series Arcane, Silco injects his Unstable Concoction into the lowest health ally. This grants that ally 50 percent maximum health, 100/150/666 percent attack speed, and immunity from crowd control effects for a total of eight seconds. Should the ally unit survive eight seconds, it explodes, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies. 

Image via Riot Games

Traits that Silco has are Scholar and a unique TFT Set 6.5 trait called Mastermind. The Mastermind trait also supports allies by granting the two units directly in front of him a portion of their maximum mana. Silco himself has a starting mana of 0/40.  

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Players can begin experimenting with Renata Glasc and Silco via PBE on Feb. 1 and with the official release of TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights on Feb. 16.