Riot Games is removing the Teamfight Tactics item, Guardian Angel, with the release of Set 6.5 Neon Nights

Often plagued with bugs and wonky interactions, especially on Urgot and Yone throughout Gizmos & Gadgets, Guardian Angel is getting removed in exchange for a new item called Edge of Night. The TFT Set 6.5 item is somewhat similar to Guardian Angel, taking the unitholder into a stealth mode upon first dropping below 50 percent health, removing aggro and negative effects like Grievous Wounds. 

  • Edge of Night: When the holder first drops below 50 percent health, they briefly enter stealth, becoming untargetable and shedding negative effects. After coming out of stealth, the holder gains an additional 30 percent attack speed. 

Instead of gaining health, as champions did with Guardian Angel, units equipped with the new TFT Set 6.5 item gain 30 percent attack speed instead.  Components to make Edge of Night are still a Sword and Chain Vest

Players will no longer have to question whether a unit has been eliminated and can it cast its spell upon revival since the stealth mode of Edge of Night kicks in while the champion is still very much alive. It’s still a defensive item that supports a primary carry within TFT comps, similar to how Guardian Angel was used. 

Players can discover which Set 6.5 champions want Edge of Night via PBE servers later today The official release of TFT Neon Nights is scheduled to take place on Feb. 16 via Patch 12.4.