Dying Light 2 Stay Human is just around the corner. The game is set to go live on Friday, Feb. 4.

With so few hours until the game premieres, many players are looking into previews and other announcements already made by the developers from Techland. These give us a small idea of what to expect from the upcoming title.

We already know that the map is expected to be “double the size of all the maps from Dying Light 1,” according to Techland. But such a big, open world needs to be filled with something to keep players busy.

While the infected will almost certainly be let loose in “The City” in which Dying Light 2 Stay Human takes place, players will also meet three different factions. Each of them will have separate needs, tasks, and approaches for Aiden Caldwell, the game’s main protagonist. They’re Survivors, Peacekeepers, and Renegades, and are each found at different points throughout the main story.

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human there’s a new mechanic called “city alignment system.” In the game, players will be able to align with one of the three factions. As they do so, the factions will transform certain areas of the game, opening up new possibilities and quests for Aiden to complete.


The Survivors are the most peaceful faction. They’re made out of ordinary people who, like the name of the group suggests, are trying their best to survive. Don’t assume that they aren’t capable of defending themselves, however. That being said, they should have worse equipment than the other two factions.

If a player chooses Survivors via the alignment system, the group should install air vents and other tools that will aid them in swiftly parkouring through The City. Their facilities should be rich with food, water, and other ingredients needed to survive, according to the game’s Wikipedia.


Peacekeepers are a military faction that’s made up of former soldiers. Their goal is to maintain order in the apocalyptic world. But espite their idea being quite noble, they are aggressive and strict when applying their rules.

Peacekeepers will have better equipment when compared to Survivors. Additionally, when a player chooses Peacekeepers via the alignment system, the group will install different traps and other tools in The City that will aid them in fighting the infected. In the Dying 2 Know: Episode 4, it was revealed that when chosen, Peacekeepers could modify one of the rooftops into an outpost in which players can find a shopkeeper and more.


At the beginning of the game, Renegades are the group that’s hostile towards the protagonist. They are made up of former prisoners who fled after the apocalypse began. A mystery character called The Colonel is their leader.

Currently, not much is known about the Renegades. Their equipment is said to consist of various guns and blades. It remains to be seen what benefits a player will get when they choose to align with the faction.