Dying Light 2 Stay Human returns players to a zombie-infested world where they must use parkour and all weapons at their disposal to survive. The gameplay should feel familiar to players that enjoyed the first game in the series, although the latest title takes place 20 years later with a new main character. 

Aiden Caldwell is the new main character in Dying Light 2. He has similar parkour abilities to Kyle Crane, the protagonist from the first game, but a significantly different back story. Caldwell is looking for his sister Mia and must explore the massive city featured in Dying Light 2 to find her. 

Not much is known about Caldwell yet, although he does have extensive parkour experience and can pull impressive moves as he navigates the dangerous environment. He was likely born just before the events of the first game, meaning he has almost exclusively known a world devastated by the virus. 

It’s unclear if Caldwell has any other family members or if it’s just him and his sister. But fans can expect to interact with several factions scattered across the city, changing the outcome of the overall story. It’s also unclear if Crane will make an appearance in the new game or if he will only be mentioned in passing. Some fans would enjoy seeing the two main characters interact, although 20 years is a long time in a zombie apocalypse, and it’s possible Crane is no longer with us. 

Dying Light 2 Stay Human comes out on Feb. 4.