After just over a week, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has already been downloaded more than four million times across all available platforms, which at the time included PC and all major consoles. 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel was officially released for consoles and PC on Jan. 19, with Konami claiming that a release for mobile devices would be following shortly after. That proved to be true as iOS and Android users started seeing the game pop up on Jan. 27. The rollout was staggered and limited to certain regions, however.

Now, the game is available on mobile in North America, South America, and most areas of both Europe and Asia that didn’t previously have access to the game via their respective app stores.

This means the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! title, which Konami designed as an independent platform for both casual and competitive duelists to use, is available on all major platforms in most of the game’s biggest regions. It will soon be available globally where Konami is able to launch as the mobile rollout continues. 

Within its first week on the market, Master Duel recorded over 4 million downloads across all platforms. On Steam alone the game was able to break into the top three in terms of total players online, peaking at 262,333 players and averaging 174,022 users.

With Master Duel now available on mobile, those numbers should increase massively as Konami is able to reach what is likely its biggest potential player base. Looking at Duel Links, another digital variant of Yu-Gi-Oh! that uses an entirely different format than the actual card game, mobile is a massive market for the franchise. The game documented well over 100 million downloads since launching in 2016. 

With Master Duel now available globally, you can expect Konami to start hosting tournaments of all levels using the game. This will also include Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship series events in some form. And, if the game is still not showing up for you, you can check the official Konami Master Duel website for availability in your region.