Dying Light 2 Stay Human is here. Techland’s newest production offers numerous activities in its vast, open world, which will keep players busy for a while.

A few hours into Dying Light 2, you will find yourself in the center of the game’s main metropolis, the Villedor. At one point in the early stages of the story, you will see the town power up for the first time in years. Afterward, one of the title’s main characters, Lawan, will give you a quest to power the city once more.

From this time, you will be able to find many electrical stations and power them up by doing a few simple things.

Foremost, when you find one, you will naturally need to get inside. Most of the time you will need to look up and search for a way in through one of the windows. Once you get inside, start searching for an electrical box with a number and a green light.

When you find one, Aiden, Dying Light 2’s main character, will attach an extension cord to it. Now, you look for another electric box in the area with the same number. But doing so won’t be easy, and you will be at risk of running out of cord. You will need to think for a while and find the right path. You can check how much length of the cord you have left in the corner of your screen.

You are also able to disconnect the cord if you get trapped in a corner. Although, if you do that, you’ll need to return to the original box and connect the extension cord once more.

When you connect all the boxes in the certain electrical station in Dying Light 2, all you need to do is head to the main console and activate it. This will make you choose between the faction that you want to give control over the electricity to in the area. You can learn more about factions and certain bonuses in the game here.