One of the most pivotal parts of Dying Light 2 Stay Humans gameplay is parkour. It’s the most efficient way to travel around Villedor, the main city in the game.

Players won’t always be able to parkour their way through the city, though, which will often lead them face-to-face with the infected.

You won’t always be ready to take on a horde of zombies coming your way. But don’t worry, there is an efficient way to escape. To do so, you can throw UV Bars.

To craft a UV Bar, you’ll first need a blueprint for the item. Thankfully, it’s widely available in Villedor.

To obtain a blueprint for UV Bars, you simply need to head out to one of the many master craftsmen that you’ll meet along the way. They will have the blueprint available for purchase. But it will cost you some Old World coins, which are found around the city.

One of the most effective ways to earn the currency is by selling White Crystal Cores. Here’s where to find them.

Once you get your hands on the blueprint, you’re free to craft UV Bars. You’ll need 20 scraps, five resin, three pigments, and one oxidizer to do so.