Fortnite has an array of accessibility options that can enable a better experience while playing the game. 

It’s easy to lose track of your enemies’ location during a heated build battle. That’s where visual sound effects come in clutch—a small icon on the screen that gives helpful information like the position of nearby enemies and many more. It also doesn’t cover the screen entirely, which is crucial.

The visual sound effects have icons and different colors for footsteps, crowns, crows, animals, healing items used, weapon firing, cars, when Spider-Man web-slinger items are used nearby, and more. Therefore, it’s a critical tool to use to gain information and stay aware of the surroundings.

Screengrab via Fortnite

By default, the visual sound effects option is turned off for players. They can turn it on by navigating to their sidebar, clicking on the Settings icon, going to the Audio Settings and choosing the Visualize Sound Effects option.

Many YouTubers and Streamers have enabled this option to get the upper hand while playing the game. While having it certainly gives some advantages to the players, players shouldn’t entirely rely on it because several things like crouching aren’t visible. The option is situational in many cases.