Dying Light 2 Stay Human is now available to download for players from all around the world.

The game, much like the first Dying Light in 2015, places players in the role of Aiden Caldwell. This time, though, they’ll get to explore and traverse the city of Villedor.

The city is naturally riddled with infected, which will be a challenge for players throughout the story. To survive your clashes with the zombies, you’ll need to constantly upgrade your equipment and always be ready for a fight. A crucial element to always being prepared is having boosters to increase or boost your health.

There are a few different boosters in the game, but the Regeneration Booster is one of the most important boosters. To craft them, you’ll need Poppies. They’re a rare, red flower, which can be found in rooftop groves. These are areas on rooftops in which you will be also able to find other resources like chamomile and lavender.

It’s worth noting that Poppies are less common than other items found on the rooftop groves, and you may need to put some time into Dying Light 2 for them to spawn.

Poppies can also be sold to merchants, but looking at their enormous value, it’s best to keep them safe in your inventory for now.