Dying Light 2 Stay Human features a smooth movement system, allowing players to traverse the beautiful environment with a variety of parkour abilities. Stringing together multiple abilities as you outrun enemies is exhilarating, especially at night. But there’s one setting that can either improve your gameplay or be a significant distraction: motion blur. 

Motion blur can help immerse you into a story, adding another realistic element to the experience. But it’s also incredibly distracting and even makes some players nauseous. The good news is you can turn off motion blur in Dying Light 2 in the advanced video settings. 

The first thing you need to do is open the options menu and navigate to the video tab. You should see an option to open the advanced video settings at the bottom of the screen, containing several more notable settings you can adjust. Scroll down until you find Motion Blur Quality and adjust it as needed. Changing the setting to None will remove motion blur from Dying Light 2

Disabling motion blur shouldn’t negatively impact your game, but be careful when adjusting other advanced options. Make sure your system can support the settings before accidentally crashing the game. The advanced video settings are also where you can adjust your FOV, so experiment with this option before diving back into the game. 

Unfortunately, this option is only available on PC, so console players are stuck with motion blur for the time being. The devs may need to push an update that allows console players to disable this option since it can significantly hinder the overall experience.