Navigating around The City can be challenging in Dying Light 2, but it can get easier with the right equipment. Throughout your adventures, you’ll unlock various weapons and loot.

The rarer the item gets, the stronger it becomes in most cases. One of the best ways to unlock rare items in Dying Light 2 will be through raiding Evacuation Convoys. Breaking into these abandoned military trucks will be easier said than done, though.

Players will need a well-planned strategy to ensure their survival. While you’ll get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t as you play more Dying Light 2, the following tips and tricks can help you to get ahead of the curve.

Stack up on throwables 

Being able to deal with hordes of zombies will be critical in most situations. Even if you try your best to single out your enemies, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself getting outnumbered. When that’s the case, you’ll need to start using throwables like Molotov cocktails. 

In addition to Molotov cocktails, bringing decoys with you can help with flanks. Considering decoys are some of the first throwables that players can craft in the game, they’ll be more accessible. 

Double-check your weapons

Bringing weapons that are about to break to an Evacuation Convoy can be a recipe for disaster. If your best weapons start cracking under pressure, you may suddenly find yourself at a disadvantage. 

Before setting out on a journey, you should always check the durability of your weapons. Go to your weapon wheel and ensure that your guns are in top shape. 

Gather them around

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Time will be of the essence while taking on Evacuation Convoys. Though you can take on the zombies one by one, you should achieve better results when you approach the situation with a mindset that prioritizes the area of effect (AoE). 

Start off the encounter with decoys and gather the zombies at a location of your choice. Once they’re stacked up, pull out your Molotov and other similar throwables. The zombies will be an easy target since they’ll be distracted by the decoys.

This technique will allow you to get rid of more zombies quickly. There will still be survivors, however, and they’ll be headed your way when the decoy’s effect runs out. You’ll need to take out your weapon and start slashing through the rest of the horde, which will be a lot smaller in size.

Break into the loot

The encounter won’t be over after taking out all the zombies on the perimeter. You’ll still need to claim your loot, which will be locked. 

Check the back of the military vehicles, tanks, or secret rooms to find a lock that guards the hidden loot. Press your interact button to begin the unlocking process. Lockpicking may take a while on your first try, but as you get more used to the vibrations and sounds, you should have an easier time unlocking doors. 

It’d be best if you still keep an ear out for zombies since they can attack you from behind while you’re lockpicking doors. 

Once the door opens, you’ll be able to pick up the loot inside, which should be of rare quality. Though Evacuation Convoys offer rarer loot, your results will vary depending on which one you choose to take on.