Players will need to quell the frenzy of five Noble Pokémon as they journey through the Hisui Region in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Each boss is more formidable than the last, with its own unique set of moves, patterns, and strategies that you will need to counter as you challenge them to battles that mix traditional Pokémon battles and new mechanics involving physically dodging moves yourself.

The final Noble Pokémon each player will encounter is a gigantic Hisuian Avalugg, which will use its size to completely alter how it forces you to combat it.

Instead of a battle where you need to weave around the Noble Pokémon in an open arena, you will be stuck on a single platform facing down the behemoth, with all of the Ice/Rock-type’s attacks forcing you to time your movements in an enclosed space.

As the final Noble, Avalugg could be your greatest challenge, but here are a few tips to help you conquer the final hurdle heading into the end of Legend: Arceus’ main story.

How to beat Noble Avalugg in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

Just like all of the Noble Pokémon you will meet in the latter half of the game, Avalugg has four moves that it will use during your battle.

The Iceberg Pokémon will always start by shooting staggered rows of glowing energy orbs, which will travel across the entire platform. You can avoid these by rolling through them or walking to the back of the platform and walking through them as they space out with distance.

Next up, Avalugg will sprout rows of icicles in straight lines, though they will become trickier to avoid later in the fight as the patterns change. You will want to step to the side of any spots on the ground that start glowing so to avoid any of the growing formations hitting you, especially since they will be coming out faster as the fight goes on.

Avalugg’s ice missiles will likely be the hardest attack to avoid at first, as the timing of each projectile is slightly off and you won’t be able to break them with your Balms like other distance attacks you have faced. Just rolling through or around them will save you from being hit, and if you are near the back of the platform, you can dodge them by simply walking left or right with precise timing.

The fourth and final attack in Avalugg’s arsenal is the most powerful, yet easiest to avoid. When he charges up and tilts his head to either side of the platform, prepare for a big beam to shoot forth, which he will sweep across the stage. Roll through the beam when it approaches you and you can start throwing Balms once safely on the other side.

Once you’ve thrown enough Balms, you’ll have an opportunity to send a Pokémon in and battle Avalugg, which will let you hit it with more Balms once you win.

In the final phase of the fight, there will be a combination of all of Avalugg’s attacks, making it slightly harder to dodge some moves. Just keep moving and slow down when necessary and you can come out on top without taking an Ice Beam to the face.