There have only been two games played in the 2022 LCS Spring Split, but Janna Smite top has already made her LCS debut.

Janna Smite top has become a popular pick in League of Legends’ Patch 12.2 and has accumulated a 58.06 percent win rate in high Elo, according to U.GG. Now, she has made her way to the LCS after FlyQuest picked her in their matchup against CLG in the second game of the 2022 LCS Spring season.

Janna Smite Top was picked in the first rotation by FlyQuest top laner Kumo as the team’s first pick on the red side. There was some anticipation about where the Janna would go built up, but FlyQuest’s Leona as the fourth pick confirmed that Janna would be on the top lane.

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The matchup itself was confusing. FlyQuest climbed to an early lead while CLG pushed deep into their enemy’s base, reaching the Nexus towers pre-30 minutes. There were many avenues for FlyQuest to end the game, to a point where CLG left their Nexus completely exposed to take the Elder Dragon. 

FlyQuest finally ended the game at 47-minutes when a fight ensued around Baron and mid laner Toucouille destroyed the open Nexus. FlyQuest top laner Kumo accumulated one kill, two deaths, and 17 assists after the game. While his laning stats are not the greatest, like a -82 CS at ten minutes stat, according to Oracles Elixir, he does have the ability to say he is undefeated with Janna top.

This is not the first competitive Janna Smite top, though. Barcelona top laner Dreedy picked the enchanter in the top lane with Smite. In that game, the Janna pick set Barca behind heavily, but they eventually pulled it together and won in 32 minutes. Janna has yet to be stopped in the competitive League, and with more games to be played in the LCS, this could be the start of a new meta for top lakers for the foreseeable future.

For now, FlyQuest can go 2-0 in their first week, with their next matchup scheduled against the Golden Guardians tomorrow. CLG aim to bounce back after today’s match and will they take on reigning LCS champions 100 Thieves.

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