Ensuring your survival in Dying Light 2 isn’t an easy feat. Throughout your journey in the game, you’ll need to evaluate risks and rewards while leveling up your gear.

Though you’ll come across all kinds of loot and items as you roaming around the city, some can be locked behind safes. Considering it’s the end of the world, your first instinct may be to break these safes, but that’s not an option. The safe requires codes to be unlocked, and finding them may not always be easy.

Some codes will be hidden in plain sight, while others may require players to complete puzzles. If you’d like to save a couple of minutes and directly open the safes, we’ve got you covered. The table below includes all the access codes and their locations.

Name Access Code Location
First Biomarker 973 This safe is located in Saint Joseph Hospital. The quest, First Biomarker, can be picked up by McGregor in Houndfield
Treasure Hunt 032167 This safe can be found inside the basement of the Muddy Grounds water tower. The quest, Treasure Hunt, can only be picked up if you decide to keep the map during the Deserter quest.
Military Airdrop Downtown 313 This safe is on top of the Military Airdrop building which is located next to the Downtown Bandit Camp.
Moonshine 1492 Players will need to side with Jack and Joe in the previous quest and get arrested to find this safe at the Horseshoe Water Tower.
Nightrunner’s Hideout 101 This safe is located in the ground floor of Cherry Windmill which can be found in the Houndfield region
Broadcast 314 This safe can be found inside the Garrison Electrical Station building, behind section C.
Church Tower 510 This safe is located at the Bazaar near Old Villedor. Players will need to make their way to the top of the Church Tower to find this safe.