Rerolling allows players to test their luck to receive better drops in certain situations. Considering Genshin Impact features gacha mechanics, players will be able to take advantage of rerolls to potentially get the item/outcome from a given roll.

But rerolling can also be a double-edged sword since you can also end up with an outcome that’s slightly worse than what you started with. If you’re okay with both results, then the only thing stopping you from rerolling is a couple of clicks of a button.

Here’s how you can reroll in Genshin Impact.

  • Use your wishes in your current account before deciding to reroll
    • After playing through the prologue and achieving Adventurer Rank five, you’ll have 20 wishes to work with to unlock weapons and characters. Make sure to use all of them before proceeding with the rerolling process
  • Create a new account
    • Creating a new Genshin Impact account will be easier for mobile players since they’ll have to option to play the game as a guest
  • Log in to Genshin Impact with your new account and play through the prologue
  • Hit Adventurer Rank five
  • Navigate to your in-game mail and claim your Acquaint Faints and Primogems
  • Start pulling from the Beginner’s Wish

If you’re still unhappy with the results, you’ll need to create another account and complete the processes above to be eligible for rerolling again. While you can get better results with more tries, the time investment required to perform rerolls makes the process not worthwhile for some players.