There are a bunch of different activities to delve into in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Most of them naturally will rely on slaying the hordes of infected in one way or another.

Aiden Caldwell, the game’s main character, needs rest from time to time, however. Players are able to do so in outposts of one of the fractions, or in the Nightrunner’s Hideouts. The hideouts are special areas on the rooftops, scattered around the map and available for players to unlock from the start of the game.

In the game, you’ll find one special Nightrunner’s Hideout, which will contain a safe in it. It’s located in Houndfield, one of the areas in Old Villedor. The hideout is located in a small, though tall building, which looks similar to a church. You won’t be required to do any parkour to access it. Simply walk through the main doors and find the entrance to the hideout in one of the walls.

In this Nightrunner’s Hideout, players will find a safe containing valuable loot in the form of an Inhibitor. These items are used to increase your health and stamina, depending on the player’s choices. It will also boost your immunity. As with almost every safe in the game, to access it you’ll need to find a code.

In the same room, you’ll find the note containing the number to the safe. The code is 1-0-1. When you enter it, you’ll obtain the Inhibitor inside. Remember that to increase your health or stamina, you’ll need three Inhibitors. There are plenty of them in the city of Villedor, though, and the one in the Nightrunner’s Hideout is one of the easiest to find.