Sometimes people go too far with bets.

A CS:GO fan (and presumably a G2 supporter), bet that if G2’s CS:GO team lost to Vitality in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, he would tattoo a ‘G2 Clown’ logo on his arm. It was a ballsy bet to make, especially since both G2 and Vitality’s rosters have been rebuilt for 2022 and this was the first time they had played each other this season.

Some may say that it was bound to happen after the bet was made. Vitality beat G2 2-1 and the fan has seemingly fulfilled his promise, as per a post a Reddit. We can’t tell if it’s a permanent tattoo or just one that will go away in a few days, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

The Reddit post was quickly upvoted and is currently the second most popular post on CS:GO‘s subreddit. It didn’t take long for G2’s own CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez to make an appearance and have fun with it. “Mate I now want the same tattoo,” ocelote said.

G2’s official Reddit account also reacted to the tattoo, changing its profile picture on the platform to the G2 Clown logo. “It is perfect, thanks for the new profile picture,” the administrator of G2’s Reddit account said.

The fan has not been tracked yet, but we all can agree that he deserves some love from G2 for honoring his bet. Maybe a meet-and-greet with the players at IEM Katowice is in the cards.