Astralis, a major Danish esports organization that has teams in CS:GO, League of Legends, FIFA, Rainbow Six Siege, and Fortnite, is now the majority owner of PIXEL.TV, the first internet-based TV platform in Denmark.

This is a strategic move that will see Astralis move further in the gaming entertainment industry. The acquisition of PIXEL.TV will help Astralis to strengthen its digital production and presence, according to the org’s CEO Anders Hørsholt. Even though Astralis has acquired a majority stake, PIXEL.TV’s founder and CEO Thomas Bense will continue to manage the company.

The organization took similar steps in the gaming entertainment space last year when it opened Astralis Nexus, a huge gaming and entertainment center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“With the opening of Astralis Nexus, we have established a platform where we interact with Astralis fans and the huge audience for casual gaming,” Astralis’ founder and CRO Jakob Lund Kristensen said in a statement. “Just as the Astralis Nexus is for everyone, whether you are a hardcore Counter-Strike player or just having fun with Candy Crush, with a broad range of content, PIXEL.TV will be a broad, inclusive media platform embracing all types of gamers.”

Now that PIXEL.TV is a part of Astralis, Bense expects his product to become more significant as it will include plenty more esports content. In his vision, the deal will open possibilities for PIXEL.TV abroad.

With the acquisition of PIXEL.TV, it’s possible that Astralis start to broadcast exclusive content on the platform or even some of its CS:GO matches, should the organization be interested in acquiring broadcast rights from some of the biggest tournament organizers in the future.