League of Legends has its fair share of cosplay enthusiasts. The character designs are rife with possibility, not to mention alternate skins. One recent Reddit post shows a masterful cosplay of Yone’s Spirit Blossom skin.

Cosplayer ArsHedaCosplay created the look for an online League cosplay competition. To complete the outfit, they 3D printed the swords and stitched two wigs together for the hairstyle. But leaving no stone unturned, they then carefully implanted more hair strands, one by one, to get exactly the look they wanted.

Arshedacosplay is a French artist and cosplayer. They spent a mere three weeks perfecting this cosplay for the competition, and have now moved on to their next project, a porcelain Ezrael. To see more of their work, check out their Instagram or Twitter accounts.

The Spirit Blossom skin line in League tells stories from the Ionian festival of the same name. These stories hold similarities to the champions that wear the skins, like Thresh being part of a story about a demon obsessed with torment. Yone in the canon story is slain in battle by his half-brother Yasuo. In the Spirit Blossom stories, they are also warring brothers. They killed each other, however, offering a message about the dangers of hubris and violence.

The vibrant characters of League give way to skin lines with various different themes and styles. And not soon after, the community finds ways to replicate these as cosplays.

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