Set in a fantasy world, Lost Ark features many strange creatures that characters will have to face during their journey. After completing a couple of main quests, players will start to encounter world bosses, which will be more challenging to defeat than normal monsters.

Rovlen is a world boss that comes further down the line, and as such, it’s a little more challenging to defeat. It’s level 25 and remains in the same area, similar to other world bosses. If you can’t find it when you’re in its designated location, it means that has already been defeated.

Since the boss respawns every 30 minutes, you’ll likely have to wait it out or come back later to defeat it. If you happen to come across other players waiting in the area, they might be able to tell you for how long they’ve been waiting and help you defeat it when it’s back up. Either way, it will reappear, so don’t worry.

Rovlen is a creature that was created by scavenging moon pieces from the Chain War. These fragments doomed it, transforming it into a product of dark magic.

Where’s Rovlen?

Rovlen is located in the Bilbrin Forest, at the West of the area and East of the Grayhammer Mine. It’s in the continent of West Luterra.

While other world bosses might not always be at the same spot when they appear, Rovlen won’t move at all because it’s rooted to the ground. For this reason, this boss will be easier to find than most others in the game.

When facing this boss, beware of its poison spits and its root attacks. If you don’t dodge them, you’ll take a huge chunk of damage and will likely die. The boss will spawn adds that will have to be taken down, too. Otherwise, it won’t be that hard to defeat if you have the corresponding gear and some potions in hand.