ARAM fans may have noticed their favorite champion might not be the strongest after nerfs to their damage, healing, or damage taken. Champions are frequently rising and swapping places to the top of the list in ARAM, only to see nerfs in the following patch to reassess their strengths in the single-lane game mode.

We analyzed the champions with the highest win rates for this mode across all regions to ensure you have an idea of which champion to pick. The data provided for the analysis is from League stats website


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Seraphine’s kit allows her to poke opponents constantly in ARAM, which oftentimes proves to be a good strategy to gain the upper hand. What’s more, she’s able to heal and shield her teammates, and her ultimate serves as a great crowd control tool. Those abilities make her a queen of the game mode in League Patch 12.2. She boasts a 57.41 percent win rate.


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Second on the list is Ziggs, another incredible champion with the ability to poke. With his abilities, you can make your opponent’s lives much harder. With all of his skills scaling with ability power, you will deal large amounts of damage for the whole game. His win rate is currently 56.21 percent.


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Lillia has abilities with crowd control, short cooldowns, and high mobility. Those are the values that place Lillia in third place of the ranking at the moment. While the champ is not easy to master, it’s worth picking in ARAM. She has a 56.48 percent win rate.


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With not much healing available on the Howling Abyss, champs who can boost their teammates’ health in the middle of the battle come in handy. Sona is one of them, and with great harass and one of the best crowd control spells in the game (Crescendo), she’s always a champ you want to have on your side when playing ARAM. Sona currently sits at a 56.03 percent win rate.


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Poking champs are incredibly in ARAM, but do you know what’s better? Champs that are excellent at poking and tanky at the same time. With Maokai, you get exactly that. He’s tough to kill, has one of the better crowd control ultimates. He boasts a 55.85 percent win rate at the moment

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