Elgato is introducing the new Key Light Mini for content creators who need lighting on the go. The Mini joins the full-size Key Light and Key Light Air in the company’s lineup as a more compact and lightweight option that can fit on desks, monitors, and other small spaces.

Until now, the Key Light Air was the smallest option in the lineup, measuring 8.07 by 8.07 by 1.37 inches (205 by 205 by 18 millimeters) and weighing 2.2 lbs (1kg). The new Key Light Mini takes its position as the most portable option in the range, measuring 5.79 by 3.93 by 0.67 inches (147 by 100 by 17 millimeters) and weighing 0.66 lbs (300 grams).

Despite its smaller size, the Key Light Mini retains many of the features of its bigger siblings, including the durable metal body, edge-let display, and Stream Deck compatibility. It also uses the same Osram bulbs but unsurprisingly has a lower brightness of 800 lumens than the 1,400 lumens offered by the Key Light Air.

The Key Light Mini also has the same 2,900 to 7,000K temperature range as the other Key Lights, but users have the option of adjusting it with onboard controls instead of with the app only.

One of the main differences between the Key Light Mini and the alternatives in the range is its built-in battery. The 4000 mAh battery has an expected lifespan of two hours at 100 percent brightness and four hours at 50 percent brightness to work in indoor and outdoor settings without a power source.

Where the Key Light Mini disappoints is the lack of mounting accessories included in the box. It has a magnetic backplate and 1/4 inch thread mounting option, but it doesn’t contain any mounting stand like the other Key Lights. Elgato expects users to either buy them separately or use the ones from the other Key Lights they own.

The Key Light Mini is currently available from the Elgato site and Corsair’s worldwide dealer network.