When playing Lost Ark for the first time, players will have tons of different kinds of content to progress through. They’ll have to farm and complete numerous quests to level up and discover the game’s story.

But not all quests will be handed to them since some are hidden. These special quests are timed and not always easy to complete. The “Sunflowers for my Love Hidden Story” quest is one of them. Players will have to gather three clues, one by one, and will have 20 minutes to hand each of them to the quest NPC. If the timer runs out before you find one of those clues, you’ll have to start it from the beginning.

To help you get through this quest, here’s a guide with the location of every clue.

Sunflowers for my Love Hidden Story guide

To find this quest, you should head southeast of Prideholme, located on the continent of Rethramis, where you will find a house with a line of stones in front of it. You’ll have to head to the house’s door to start the quest. A notification above your health bar will indicate that you have started a timed quest.

The first hint will take you to Loghill’s Wildflower Garden, located to the north of Prideholme. You’ll have to head to the southwest of the map and look for sunflowers. Going there and interacting with them will complete the second clue. The NPC will mention Prideholme, and that’s where you’ll have to go for the final clue.

This clue will be the easiest to get. Head to the house where you started the quest, but instead of interacting with the door, inspect the sunflowers on your right. The NPC you’ll encounter will end the quest and you will receive two charisma points.

Be careful when returning to Prideholme, though. If you happen to interact with the house’s door, you’ll have to start the quest from the beginning again.