Lost Ark has officially launched in North America and Europe, and with it, hordes of new players have flocked to its shores with the hopes of exploring Arkesia and defeating all foes who would stop them. The game has an abundance of advanced classes to choose from. But only one of them can transform into a demon.

The Shadowhunter is one of the Assassin’s two advanced classes, the other being the Deathblade. Both have unique playstyles and attributes, but for this guide, we’ll be focusing on the queen of demons.

The Shadowhunter uses demonic energy to enhance her abilities and transform herself into a demon. She uses a mix of both melee and ranged abilities and is fairly tanky. This deadly assassin is perfect for players who enjoy her theme and prefer to be in the face of the enemies they crush.

Best PvE Build for Shadowhunter

The Shadowhunter can choose between two engravings for PvE content—Demonic Impulse and Perfect Suppression. While both are viable, we’d recommend the former due to its simplicity. 

Demonic Impulse removes the cooldown for re-entering your demon form, and as such, this build focuses on skills that provide the most Shadowburst energy to allow you to go demon mode as quickly as possible.

Skill Skill Level Tripod I Tripod II Tripod III
Demonic Slash 4/10 Excellent Mobility
Demon’s Grip 10/10 Quick Preparation Encroaching Power Stretching Hand
Thrust Impact 10/10 Swift Thrust Deep Thrust Encroaching Power
Howl 10/10 Quick Preparation Encroaching Power Scream of Fury
Demonic Clone 10/10 Vital Point Strike Fist of Destruction Enhanced Release Encroachment
Rising Claw 7/10 Naively Honest Concussion
Demon Vision 10/10 Concentrated Release Encroaching Power Instant Discharge
Decimate 10/10 Swift Fingers Weak Point Detection Cruel Hand

The ultimate ability we’d recommend is Gate of Eruption as it provides more area-of-effect damage than Fallen Ruin.

Best PvP Build for Shadowhunter

Alongside endgame raids and dungeons, Lost Ark also features fast-paced and engaging player versus player content. The Shadowhunter is fantastic in PvP as she is able to poke enemies with her ranged abilities while still being able to destroy them in close-quarters combat. 

This build expands upon those qualities while giving her some additional crowd control and support capabilities.

Skill Skill Level Tripod I Tripod II Tripod III
Demonic Slash 10/10 Excellent Mobility Nimble Movement Chain Charge
Thrust Impact 10/10 Swift Thrust Enhanced Explosion Spectral Explosion
Grind Chain 10/10 Earth Attack Impaired Mobility Chain Attack
Sharpened Cut 7/10 Excellent Mobility Infiltration Attack
Demonic Clone 10/10 Naively Honest Fist of Destruction Encroachment Discharge
Rising Claw 7/10 Naively Honest Giant Hand
Demon Vision 10/10 Quick Release Electric Discharge Instant Discharge
Piercing Thorn 10/10 Enhanced Strike Triple Thorn Massive Thorns

The best ultimate skill for Shadowhunter in PvP is Gate of Eruption for its four-second fear effect as well as its large radius.