Lost Ark offers many ways for the players to earn XP, gear, and other items. When beginning their journey in the universe of this MMO, players will come across collectibles shortly after ending the tutorial, if they are aware of their surroundings.

Collectibles are scattered in all of the game’s areas. Players can collect thousands of them, and when they reach a specific amount earned, they can claim various rewards. The Mokoko Seeds are one of those collectibles.

You will find those seeds in all of the game’s maps, and there are 1,209 of them to collect in total. It’s easier to get started before reaching level 50 if you don’t want to backtrack all of your progress to find all the Mokoko Seeds.

Here are the Mokoko Seed locations in Ozhorn Hills, from the Yudia region.

Screengrab via Smilegate

All of those Mokoko seeds are fairly easy to find. Some are located in dangerous areas, but otherwise, there will be no struggle to collect them all in Ozhorn Hills.

For the Mokoko Seed located on the northwest corner of the map, be careful: you will find a secret dungeon on its way. Its secret door stands in the center of the little place. You won’t see anything, but a notification will appear when you’ll come across that door, prompting you to enter.

If you still have trouble finding some of the seeds, here are screengrabs of their location in the environment.